How to Move a Trampoline Without Taking it Apart?

How do you move a trampoline without taking it apart? You may be asking yourself this question if you are in the process of relocating and don’t want to deal with the hassle of breaking down your trampoline and then putting it back together again.

In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to move your trampoline without taking it apart – so you can get settled into your new home quickly and easily!

Moving a Trampoline in a Short Distance

If the distance is not far enough, then you can try the following things:

Using Wheels

If you have trampoline wheel, then start using it. It is the easiest way to move a trampoline. You can use a furniture dolly or a hand truck to move it if you do not have a specific trampoline moving wheel. Just make sure that the trampoline wheels are locked in place before you start moving it. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you put the trampoline on the wheels.

By Sliding

If you don’t have wheels to move the trampoline, then you can try sliding it across the ground. This is a bit more difficult than using trampoline wheels, but it can be done. This process is suitable in case you have fewer people to help you move the trampoline.

Just make sure that you have a few people to help you so that the trampoline doesn’t tip over. You can also put some blankets or towels down on the ground to help the trampoline slide more easily.

By Carrying

If you can’t use wheels or sliding to move the trampoline, then you will need to carry it. This process is easier for a small trampoline but also very difficult for a large backyard trampoline. However, moving backyard trampolines can be done if you have enough people to help you.

Moving a Trampoline in a Longer Distance

For moving a trampoline over a longer distance, follow the steps below:

  • Start by getting an estimate of how much the trampoline will weigh. This is important for two reasons. First, you need to make sure that your vehicle can handle the weight of the trampoline. Second, you need to know how many people you’ll need to help you move the trampoline.
  • Next, gather the supplies you’ll need. This includes ropes, straps, bungee cords, and a tarp.
  • If possible, recruit some friends or family to help you move the trampoline. The more people you have to help, the easier it will be.
  • Once everything is gathered, it’s time to start moving the trampoline. In this post, we are mentioning two ways to move a trampoline over a long distance. One is by truck, and the other is by trailer.

Using Truck

It is the one of the best ways to move a trampoline without taking it apart, whether you have a small trampoline or a big trampoline. To start moving your trampoline using a truck, follow the steps below:

1. Rent a truck that is large enough to fit the large trampoline you have. After that, you will have to measure the length, width, and height of your trampoline to ensure that it will fit in the truck bed.

2. Inflate the trampoline to its full size. This will make it easier to load onto the truck.

3. Place the entire trampoline in the truck bed and secure it with straps or tie-downs.

4. Cover the trampoline with a tarp to protect it from the elements during transport.

5. Drive to your destination and unload the trampoline from the truck.

Using Trailer

The process of moving a trampoline using a trailer is similar to using a truck, with a few key differences.

The trailer must match the width of your trampoline —so be sure to measure the width of your trampoline before renting or borrowing a trailer.

Additionally, you may need additional materials to secure the trampoline to the trailer. Some trailers have integrated straps or tie-downs, while others will require you to bring your own.

Once you’ve secured the trampoline to the trailer, be sure to cover it with a tarp to protect it from the elements during transport.

As with using a truck, drive to your destination and unload the trampoline from the trailer.

Inspecting Your Trampoline After Moving

Moving a trampoline, whether disassembled or fully constructed, can put a lot of stress on the different components. It’s important to thoroughly inspect your trampoline once it’s in its new location before using it again. This helps ensure safety and identify any parts that may need replacement.

Follow these tips for inspecting a trampoline after a move:

  • Carefully look over the entire trampoline frame and check for any cracks, bends, or damage. Make sure the frame is still sturdy and properly aligned. Tighten any loose connectors.
  • Examine each and every spring closely. Make sure none are stretched out, damaged, or missing. Replace any compromised trampoline springs.
  • Look for tears, holes, or deterioration in the jumping mat. A damaged trampoline mat will need to be replaced.
  • Check the condition of the safety pads. Make sure they are all still attached securely to the trampoline frame and that foam is not sticking out.
  • Inspect the net enclosure poles and net for any rips, detached poles, or stretched-out areas. Repair damages before using.
  • Ensure any anchors or ties to the ground are still firmly in place or re-install them. This prevents wind from lifting the trampoline.
  • Wipe off any dirt or debris accumulated during the move. Hose down the trampoline mat if needed.
  • Following the trampoline manufacturer’s instructions, re-level the trampoline.
  • Test the trampoline out by bouncing lightly before intense use. Make sure it feels stable, sturdy, and even.

Taking time to carefully inspect a trampoline after moving it helps detect any issues from the move. Address any damage right away so the trampoline is safe for family fun again.

FAQ – How to Move Trampoline without taking it Apart

Q: Is it possible to move a trampoline without taking it apart?

A: Yes, it is very much possible, as we have discussed above. However, we recommend trampoline disassembly to move it to avoid damage. Also, it sometimes becomes impossible to move a large trampoline without disassembling it.

Q: What are the safety concerns of not taking the trampoline apart before moving?

A: The safety concerns are mainly about damaging the trampoline. If you are not careful while moving it, you might end up damaging the frame or the jumping mat. Additionally, if you do not have enough people to help you move the trampoline, it might be difficult to control and could end up injuring someone.

Final Words

I hope, after reading the article. Now you know how to move a trampoline without taking it apart.

While it’s not impossible to move a trampoline without taking it apart, it is definitely more difficult, especially for a long distance and for a larger trampoline. Also, you can always seek professional mover companies to move your trampoline without taking it apart.

If you’re up for the challenge, go ahead and try to move your trampoline without dismantling it – just be prepared for a few bumps and bruises along the way!

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