About Us

TrampolineWay is dedicated to providing you with the best reviews of trampolines, with a focus on dependability and customer service. We have a great team(mostly part-time) who produce in-depth articles on Trampoline. Below is the bio of Ethan who is the main writer of this website.

Ethan Greenfield

Writer at trampolineway

Ethan is an aspiring writer from Canada. As a trampoline enthusiast, he loves nothing more than spending his time flipping and somersaulting on his trampoline. He’s been doing it for years, and he’s still as passionate about it as he was when he first started.

For Ethan, trampolining is all about having fun and staying fit. He loves the feeling of being airborne, and he’s always striving to perfect his technique. He’s also a big believer in the health benefits of trampolining, and he’s always keen to share his knowledge with others.

Our teams are expanding slowly. Occasionally, we take 1 or 2 content from other writers to keep up to date our readers with trampolines.

You can contact us at contact@trampolineway.com